Mycoles is a platform for all the employees of the Coles group. The employees get access to all their work-related information like work schedule, payslips, and other relevant information. It also acts as a platform for the employees to express their grievances. If they have any views to share, they can use this platform for the same.

This portal is not just for the employees. Employers also use this portal regularly to post relevant information. It enables the employees to stay updated about their work and the company itself. In this article, we will inform you about the sign up and login procedure of Mycoles portal. We will also discuss about the benefits you can derive along with customer support information for grievance redressal.

Coles Login Portal

Mycoles has been created to provide ease-of-access to its workers. They no longer have to call up the HR department every time for the smallest of their queries. They can simply login into this portal and know it all by themselves. If they have issues about something, they can post it on the forum for the colleagues or the higher authority to help them out. They can get the latest news about the company easily on this portal and other work-related information. – How to Register & Login?

Employees of Mycoles can easily use My coles login portal to access their account. Before entering the mycoles login portal, make sure you have all the requisite information required for you to login.

Steps to Mycoles Staff Login

  • Visit which is the official site for Mycoles users.
  • You will find a page which welcomes you on the portal along with a link to take you to the Sign In page.
  • Tap on the Sign In link and enter your Username and Password in the respective boxes and click on Login.
  • You will now be directed to your account.

First time user- How to Register for Mycoles?

If you have never accessed, here are the steps to do it for the first time easily:

  • Find the mail that has been sent to you by Coles that starts with “Welcome to Mycoles”.
  • Contact their helpline if no such mail is found in your mailbox.
  • Use your LAN ID to access the Mycoles portal.
  • Thereafter, they will ask your employee number which is of 8 digits and DOB.
  • They will send you a password for your profile in your Mail ID.
  • This password can be changed later. After changing and finalising on your login details, make sure you note them down somewhere for future reference.

Forgot Mycoles Username?

Human Beings have become complicated. We have passwords and usernames for so many various accounts on varied portals that it may be difficult to keep track of all of them and we may end up forgetting our username or passwords frequently.

Here are the steps to recover your Username if you have forgotten it:

  • Go to and then to the Sign In portal.
  • Below the Sing In tab, you will find an option ‘I forgot my username’. Tap on it.
  • It will take you to the Username finder page where you are required to enter your Employee ID and DOB (in yyyy-mm-dd format) in respective boxes and solve a captcha. Click on continue to proceed.
  • Contact the Mycoles helpline if you don’t know either your Employee ID or your DOB (for some reason).

How to change or reset My Coles Password?

Like Usernames, some passwords may not see the light of the day and need to be reset. Here are the steps for easily resetting your Mycoles Password:

  • Visit the Sign In page of
  • In red, you will see ‘I forgot my password’ below your screen. Tap on it.
  • Enter your Username and solve the captcha to proceed further.
  • If you don’t know your Username or Employee ID, contact the my coles helpline.

Mycoles Benefits

There are several benefits of using My coles portal:

  • My Coles portal lets you access and view your current and upcoming work schedules.
  • This portal has latest information regarding the organization as well as any important information that the employers want you to know.
  • You can access your Coles payslips here.
  • You can discuss about issues that you are facing or solve issues that your colleagues are be suffering from.

Mycoles Customer Support

You can reach the HR at Mycoles at 1300 726 462 for Payroll-related assistance.

Call 1300 692 653 for any assistance on Username, Password, or Employee ID.

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